78L Wheelbarrow

Whether you’re tackling DIY jobs around the home or busying yourself keeping your garden in tip-top condition, you’ll appreciate the strength and versatility of this heavy duty wheelbarrow trolley from VonHaus.Designed for everyday use, this handy barrow can be used as a garden cart or trolley for a range of purposes. How about pressing it into action as a lawn cart, carrying rolls of turf or as a yard cart moving heavy pots and other garden ornaments to and from storage?The garden trolley’s generous dimensions and large 78L capacity make it a reliable workhorse for lifting and transporting garden essentials such as compost, gravel and sand. Plus, you can use indoors for home improvements like moving bags of plaster around or removing rubble and debris from house to skip.The wheelbarrow cart has a steel frame and robust plastic tray, making it suitable for transporting a variety of contents. It incorporates not one but two wheels, which provides greater traction and offers better stability even over rough terrain. The covered, soft grip handles make it easy to manoeuvre the trolley without discomfort.A versatile performer that’s worthy of a place in any garden.Wheelbarrow Size: 125 X 70 X 65cm (Length X Width X Height)Tray Size: 90 X 65 X 25cm (Length X Width X Height)SKU: 15-320

Brand VonHaus
Category simple

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