Faithfull FAIJ100PRO Professional HSS Jobber Drill Bit 1.00mm OL:3...

Professional HSS Jobber Drill Bit Loose 10.00mm OL:132mm WL:83mm - Faithfull FAIJ100PRO, The Faithfull Professional Metric HSS Jobber Drill Bits are designed to meet the requirements of the professional user. These drills are manufactured from M2 grade steel and are fully ground to meet the standard of DIN 338 and feature a 135° non-slip split point. Suitable for use in: Alloy steels, carbon steels, cast iron, hardened alloy steels and stainless steels. PLEASE NOTE: These drill bits are priced individually but supplied only in bulk packs. Sizes up to and including 9mm are supplied in 10's. Larger sizes are supplied in 5's.Diameter: 1.0mm Faithfull FAIJ100PRO Professional HSS Jobber Drill Bit 1.00mm OL:34mm WL:12mm

Brand Faithfull

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