PS4 Custom Controller - Sidemen Black Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Sidemen Black Edition - Custom Controller Enjoy your favourite games with a custom PS4 controller that is made in collaboration with your favourite YouTube creators: The Sidemen!   Introducing The SDMN Edition We have worked in collaboration with the Sidemen to bring you, the fans, a series of epic PS4 custom controllers and incredible custom Xbox controllers. And right here you can find the Sidemen Black Edition Custom PlayStation 4 Controller that features a bold black and white design with the Sidemen crest placed on the right side of the controller, with a number of triangles scattered across the controller to give it a super stunning design.   More Sidemen Designs You will not be able to find this Sidemen PS4 controller anywhere else but here. And we even have more Sidemen controller designs available right now, both for Xbox One and PS4.  Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers It is important to us that the controller you receive is at the very best quality it can be so that you can enjoy the controller and its design to the greatest level. And that is why we make our custom PlayStation controllers purely from brand-new PS4 controllers. This not only ensures a high standard of quality but also so that you get all of the features you know and love with every single official PS4 controller. PS4 Controller Features The features you will get from our custom PlayStation 4 controllers include the following:  Compatibility with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-In speaker  PS5 Compatibility Now with the PlayStation 5 available, everyone is looking to get onto the next generation of gameplay. And thanks to the PS4 controllers' compatibility with PS5 (when playing PS4 games) you can enjoy this customised PS4 controller and the features you love on next-generation! Whenever you reach for this controller, you will be amazed by its super level of control and gameplay.   Moving To Next Gen? With the PS5 becoming more available, more and more players are making the move to the next-gen. And now, we have a huge range of PS5 custom controllers available for those looking for the ultimate customised experience to perfect their game. We have perfect controllers for every gamer, whether new or old or prefer different colours and designs. We have a bit of everything for all players out there.  Want Another Design? And if you want a different Sidemen controller, then we recommend taking a look through our collection of Sidemen Xbox controllers or even take a look at the Sidemen Red edition for PlayStation 4. For Xbox, you can also find blue, red, white and black editions along with designs finished with stunning gold parts. 

Brand Playstation

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