PS4 Custom Controller - Green Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Green Edition - Custom Controller Play on a high with the Green Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Play On A High Enjoy the highest level of gameplay with the Green Edition PS4 custom controller. When it is time to kick back and relax, the Green Edition customised PS4 controller will not disappoint. Play your favourite PS4 games with a feeling of pure relaxation. If you have been looking for a weed PS4 controller, this is certainly a strong option. With a bold black base and green plants covering the entirety of the front plate. And to make it perfect we have attached a series of black parts to match the colour scheme. Creating a design that both looks and feels great. Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers We want all our controllers to work to the highest standard that is possible. Including our PS4 controllers. To make sure that every custom PlayStation 4 controller has a high quality, we only use new PS4 controllers to make them. These controllers are completely genuine too. Once a controller has been made, we will proceed to test it. Every controller must pass our 20-point quality control checklist. This test inspects every part of the controller and ensures there are no problems. Helping us to hit the quality that you would expect from any official PS4 controller. PS4 Controller Features Not only that, but this means that with our custom PlayStation controllers, you will get all the features you would expect from an official PS4 controller. Including: PS5 Compatibility (When playing PS4 games) Integrated Lightbar USB Charging Stereo headset jack Motion sensors Built-in speaker PS5 Compatibility You can even use this controller on the PlayStation 5! Thanks to the PS5s partial compatibility with the PS4 controller, you can enjoy this controller and its design on either platform. Though on PS5, you can only use the PS4 controller while playing PS4 games. If you want a controller that is perfect for PS5 gameplay, then our collection of PS5 custom controllers is the best place to look. Discover some of the best designs on the PlayStation’s star controller. Want Another Design? Want another weed design? Though we don’t have any additional designs for PS4, we do have some great options for other platforms. Even our green design is available for PS5. Or there are the 420 editions. This red, green, and yellow weed design is available for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Want to see what all the other players are using? Then why not check out our top selling PS4 collection. Here you can view our most popular designs. Create Your Own Controller Can’t quite find what you are looking for? Then our create your own controller builders are the tools for you to use. Create Your Own makes it easy to make the controller that you want the most. And it is super simple how. All you need to do is pick the controller you want, then start customising it using our wide range of designs, colours, and part options. Then once you have done customising, you can choose whether you want to engrave your name or gamertag, include a set of paddles or even make a stand to go along with the controller.  

Brand Playstation

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