Mattel Games Escape Room In A Box The Werewolf Experiment Strategy Game - German language

The brand-new and thrilling experience that is Escape Room: The Werewolf Experiment is designed for many players to work together toward a common objective, which is to escape. The players are required to discover clues, go through riddles, and decipher codes in order to find their way to freedom. The only way for players to maintain their human form is if they are able to complete all of the cerebral sports and dexterity activities within one hour. The situation calls for cooperation amongst everyone, so put your heads together and find a way out as a group. Best of luck, as it is feasible for us to escape together!With so many more Mattel toys all available here at Maqio, you will be spoilt for choice.

GTIN 887961676389
Brand Mattel

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