PS4 Custom Controller - Zone Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Zone Edition - Custom Controller Enjoy high-speed action in your late-night gaming sessions with the glow in the dark Zone Edition Custom PS4 Controller.  Elevate your gameplay experience with the PS4 custom controller. We have worked in collaboration with Zone of the Enders to create an incredible PS4 controller themed around this popular game. You can enjoy the High-Speed Robot Action of Zone of the Enders with a slick new controller that is focused on this futuristic game and technology. And to make this controller even better, it even glows in the dark! So that while you are enjoying your late-night gaming sessions, you can fully enjoy this design and controller!  We want to make sure that any controller that you buy from us is of the high standard of quality that you expect with any PS4 controller. And that is why we only use brand-new PS4 controllers in the creation of our customised PS4 controller. This makes sure that you get a really nice level of quality that will last for a long time. But it also ensures that all of the controllers we have available will have all of the features that you expect from official PS4 controllers, and that includes:  Compatibility with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-In speaker  Thanks to the PS4 controllers' compatibility with the PS5 (while playing PS4 games), you can enjoy this custom PlayStation controller and design on the PlayStation platform of your choosing. Hop onto next-gen and play some of your favourite PS4 games with your best PS4 controller and upgraded graphics and performance. Or even just enjoy some gaming in your spare time on your PS4 and with a top-notch controller.  Have you made the move to the next gen? Then why not explore our wide range of PS5 custom controllers. Perfect your next-generation experience and gameplay with the best PlayStation controller currently around. And get the design that is perfect for you, whether you want something a bit darker themed or if you want a controller packed with colour, then we have the controllers for you.  

Brand Playstation

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