PS4 Custom Controller - Swish Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Swish Edition - Custom Controller Wash away your opponents with the Swish Edition Custom PS4 controller.  Wash Your Opponents Away Feel vibrant colours with our Swish Edition PS4 custom controllers. A swish design that is full of bright colours makes this DualShock custom controller stand out both in-game, and in a crowd. This design is packed full of swirling and flowing colours that give this custom PlayStation controller the ultimate look. This controller is perfect for any gamer looking for a super bright and colourful design or even just a sweet new look on a controller.   Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers We want to make sure that any controller you buy from us is of the exceptional quality that you expect. And that is why our customised PS4 controllers are made purely from brand-new PS4 controllers. This way, not only will you get a controller that has every part and feature that you would get with any official PS4 controller, but also all of the features that you have learned to love over time. PS4 Controller Features The features you can expect from our PS4 custom controllers include the following:  An integrated glowing light bar  Sensitive and effective motion sensors  A high-quality built-in speaker  Fast USB charging  Useful 3.5mm stereo headset jack  Compatibility with the PS5 (when playing PS4 games)  PS5 Compatibility Thanks to the PS4 controllers' compatibility with the PS5 (while playing PS4 games), you can enjoy the PS4 DualShock controller on the PlayStation console of your choice. If you love the PS4 controller then you can continue to use it on the PS5. Have your controllers ready for next-gen gameplay and enjoy the wonderful designs that we have available.   Moving To Next Gen? And if you are looking for a new PS5 controller, then we have an excellent range of controllers available right now. We have a collection full of designs that are absolutely incredible. With PS5 Custom Controllers that are packed with beautiful colours and exciting themes and so much more!

Brand Playstation

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