PS4 Custom Controller - Haha Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Haha Edition - Custom Controller Cause some chaos with the Haha Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Cause Some Chaos It is time to cause some chaos and overcome your opponents, and the Haha Edition PS4 Custom Controller is the perfect controller to help you do it. Made with a black and white chequered design that features the bloody scrawled out words of "Ha Ha" and the Joker's menacing face for the ultimate chaotic design. A perfect design for any of those gamers who love the Joker and want a design that embraces the destruction spread by this beloved villain. Offering a breathtaking design on an incredibly powerful controller.  Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers And we want to make sure that this controller delivers the jaw-dropping controls and performance that you need with any PS4 controller, and that starts with making sure that the quality is top-notch. To hit this level of quality, we take genuine and brand-new PS4 controllers and use them in the creation of our custom PlayStation 4 controllers, before testing them to make sure they work exceptionally. And not only does this ensure that you get the very best level of quality with every controller, but it also guarantees that you get all of the features that you know and love with all official PS4 controllers. PS4 Controller Features The features you can expect from our custom PS4 controllers include: PS5 Compatibility (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-in speaker  PS5 Compatibility And if you love your PS4 controller then you can take it into the next generation of gaming. Thanks to the PS4 controller's compatibility with the PS5, when you are playing PS4 games of course, you can use your DualShock controller on any platform that you like (as long as it is compatible). Meaning that you can stick to the controls and designs that you leave for as long as you like! You can even use one of our custom DualShock controllers on the PlayStation 5. Use the controller you love on the platform of your choice. No matter what you are playing or when your PS4 controller will be ready for combat.  More Joker Designs Looking for a different Joker design or maybe a different type of controller? Good news! We have a great number of options available right. Take for instance our Joker Edition PlayStation 5 controller, a bloody Joker themed design that will bring channel your inner destruction. Or even our HAHA Edition for Xbox Series X, the same design as the PS5 Joker edition but for all of the Xbox players out there! And many more, like the Card Edition for PlayStation 5 or our Clown Edition for Xbox One, choose the design that you love the most. Create Your Own Controller If you cannot find the controller you are looking for, then our Create Your Own Controller builders provide everything you need so that you can make your perfect controller. Select the controller that you want. Choose between PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Elite, and then customise them using our wide range of epic designs and bright colour parts to get the controller design you want the most. Your controller is not complete without your personal touch. With our personalisation options, you can now add your name to your controller or even add a modification to give you the competitive edge.

Brand Playstation

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