PS4 Custom Controller - The Venom Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Venom Edition - Custom Controller Unleash your Inner Darkness with our Venom Edition Custom PS4 Controller.  Unleash Your Inner Darkness Dominate your favourite games with an amazing new look with our Venom PS4 controller. Featuring a black and white venom inspired design that gives the PS4 controller an extremely bold and unique design that you cannot find anywhere else. If you want a custom PlayStation 4 controller with an absolutely stunning look, then you’ve come to the right place.   Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers And to make sure that you get the absolute best out of our Venom Edition PS4 custom controllers, we only use genuine brand-new PS4 controllers to create them. This not only makes sure that you get the stunning quality that you expect from a new controller but also so that you get to experience all of the features you know and love from an official PS4 controller without any worry.  PS4 Controller Features Those features will include some of the following:  Compatible with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-In speaker  Backwards Compatibility Thanks to the PS4 controller’s compatibility with the PS5 while playing PS4 games, this controller is an amazing option if you are either still playing on PS4 or just want a controller to use while playing your favourite PS4 games on PS5. No matter what, it will perform to the highest level and help you to achieve victory.   Moving To Next Gen? And if you are looking for a sweet new controller to use on your PS5, then our custom PS5 controllers offer everything you could possibly want on a controller. Not only will you get all of the top tier features that you’ve known to love, but you will also get super pleasant designs that will blow you away.  Loving This Design? Love this design? If so, we also have this design available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X for Xbox users looking for a mind-blowing design. Or if you want a controller that’s a bit more personal, then our create your own controller builders are definitely the place to be. Choose the design you want, the colour of the thumbsticks, buttons, triggers and more parts, and even add extra modifications and options.  

Brand Playstation

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