PS4 Custom Controller - Swirl Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Swirl Edition - Custom Controller Feel the flow with our Swirl Edition PS4 Custom Controller.   Feel The Flow If you like super slick and colourful PS4 designs, our Swirl Edition custom PS4 controller is perfect for you. A customised PS4 controller that is made with a wonderful swirling design that uses colour to stand out among other controllers. With blue, purple and pink swirls brightening the controller and purple chrome buttons to add the perfect final touch. Whether you are just starting your gaming adventure or are an experienced player, this controller serves as an incredible option. Delivering you the finest controls and features but perfected with a design that is packed with colour.  Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers We want to make sure that you have the very best experience every time with our custom DualShock controller, and that you do not run into any problems whenever you are playing. To ensure that our Swirl Edition PS4 controllers are in the condition you fully expect, we only make our custom PlayStation 4 controllers from genuine brand-new PS4 controllers. That way, you can be certain that you will get the very top-notch quality that you are looking for. PS4 Controller Features We can assure you that you will get all of the features that you know and love with every official PS4 controller, including: PS5 Compatibility (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-in speaker  PS5 Compatibility You can play and enjoy all of your favourite PS4 games with an absolutely great PS4 custom controller so that you can make a statement in every moment. And thanks to the PS4 controller's compatibility with the PS5 (when playing PS4 games), you can take the controller you love onto the platform of your choosing. Enjoy all of your favourite moments in great detail with your favourite controller in your hands. Want Another Design? Looking for a different design? Our PS4 custom controller range has a great number of unique controllers fitted with wonderful designs and colours. Or create your own PS4 controller to get that design that is perfect for you. And if you want to further customise your PS5 experience, then take a look through our custom PS5 controller range. Full of next-generation controllers made with bold designs.  

Brand Playstation

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