PS4 Custom Controller - Paint Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Paint Edition - Custom Controller Paint the perfect piece with the Paint Edition Custom PS4 Controller. Create A Mess Go ahead and cause a mess with the Paint Edition PS4 Custom Controller. Play your game your way with a sweet new PS4 controller. With the paint edition PS4 controller, you can play your favourite games with a beautiful new look. Rather than your ordinary black PS4 controller, you will get a slick white base design with a black paint splatter that covers the controller. Giving this PS4 controller a wonderful paint design. An exceptional controller for those who still love to use their DualShock controller, whether it is on your PS4 or PS5. If you love a simple but bold design, then this certainly matches your preference. Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers We want every controller to work just as great as they look so that you can play your favourite games without the disturbance of controller problems. To make sure that you do not run into any problems, we make sure that the quality is at the very top level. And we hit this level by using purely brand-new PS4 controllers in the creation of our custom PlayStation 4 controllers. Not only does this ensure that the quality is great, but it also guarantees that you will get every single feature that you know and love with any official PS4 controller. PS4 Controller Features The features you'll find within our custom PS4 controllers include the following: PS5 Compatibility (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-in speaker  PS5 Compatibility The PS4 controller is a must-have for any PlayStation user. Whether you are experienced or new to the game, the PS4 controller will deliver the ultimate level of control. And now, you can enjoy this PS4 Custom DualShock Controller on the PlayStation platform of your choosing, and this is all thanks to the PS4 controller's compatibility with the PlayStation 5 (while playing PS4 games). Thanks to this, you can enjoy the PS4 controller that you love on the platform of your choice.  Want Another Design? Not the design you are looking for? We have dozens of designs that are absolutely spectacular on the PS4 controller. Like our  super popular Venom Edition PS4 controller, a black and white infesting design that is inspired by one of the world's favourite super-villains. Or if you want to stick with a simple design, our 3D White Shadow edition is marvellous. A contrasting black and white design that is made perfect thanks to a 3D splatter effect that both looks and feels great to use. Create Your Own Controller Or if you seek a controller that is a bit more personal to you, then our Create Your Own Controller Builders have all the options you need to make the perfect controller. You can choose the controller that you want the most, whether it is a PS4 or PS5 controller, or even an Xbox Elite controller, you can get it. And then, by using our wide range of colours and epic designs. You can make your controller truly yours by adding your own name or even adding a modification to truly complete your controller. 

Brand Playstation

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