Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Phone Car Charger

FeaturesAutomatic opening and closing arms with infra red sensor for the Mi 9 Wireless charging up to 20WA combination of phone holder and wireless chargerIncludes air vent mount and self adhesive dashboard mountAdditional USB-C charging portFits all phones up to 81mm wideThe Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Phone Car Charger is ideal for phones up to 81mm wide and can be fixed to the dashboard vent or stuck to the dash board with the self adhesive mount. Its automatic opening and closing arms feature enables a one handed operation with the Xiaomi Mi 9 phone and features a one touch button for other phones. The built in fan helps with heat dissipation when fast charging. You can rotate the holder up to 360º to position your smartphone more comfortably and have the best visibility. You'll benefit from faster charging through the Qi system. The stand is equipped with a locking system to prevent your phone from moving or shifting during the journey. It is one of the most powerful chargers of the moment, reaching up to 20 W of charge without any problem.

GTIN 6934177712739
Category Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phone Accessories > Mobile Phone Car Mounts

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