Airpods Case 1st Gen Leather Cover - Dark Brown

New Apple Airpods Leather Case Shockproof Cover Nice Matte Easy Grip Finish Wireless Charging Compatible Access to Charging Port through Special Cut out Easy Fit 1 Year Warranty Apple Airpods Leather Case A soft, smooth leather case for your Apple Airpods (Generation 1) that feels really nice to the touch. Using only the highest-grade leather, we've ensured this material remains in pristine condition and even comes with an anti-dirt finish too. Any dirt or marks, and simply wipe them off leaving your case looking soft and velvety just like new.  Shockproof Worried about dropping your Airpods and scratching them, or worse yet damaging them? Worry no more! Our leather Airpod shockproof cover is designed to be fully shockproof so will protect your Airpods during impact.  Easy Grip No one wants to drop their Airpods (Generation 1). With our easy grip matte coating, now you won't either! A nice and smooth coating which not only feels nice to touch, but also makes it easier to grip your Airpods headphones meaning less dropping! Easy Snap On Why buy a case that takes a rocket scientist to apply? Ours is a simple slot on with a soft inner fibre material, which leaves no scratches on your Airpods unlike others which can scratch the inside of your Airpods (Generation 1) during application. This case takes literally less than 10 seconds to install and is a simply clip on case requiring no skill or technical experience. This case is also easy to remove when need be and won't damage your earphones in the process.  Wireless Charging Compatible No-one wants to take their case off when needing to charge. And now you don't need to either! Simply slot your Airpods with the case on, onto a wireless charger and watch them charge effortlessly at maximum speeds. The high grade leather material won't interrupt your charging signal so you can ensure maximum speeds when charging. Easy Access Worried if your Airpods will be compatible with your accessories? Well don't be! Our easy access port allow you to connect all types of chargers into your Airpods without having to remove your case. Not only does this mean an easier to use case, but also less hassle of removing and reapplying the case over and over again. No Hassle Warranty This Airpods case comes with a no hassle warranty meaning any issues, and we'll simply replace or refund without any hassle! Nothing To Lose Not only are these Airpods leather cases covered under a 1 year warranty, but also backed by our money back guarantee which ensures you either get what you paid for or your money back! So what is there to lose? If the item is defective, we will be liable for return shipping too! Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

GTIN 5056162939530
Brand FinestBazaar
Category Communication & Mobile Phones
Color dark brown

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