iPhone 11 Case Shockproof Protective Cover - Red

Rugged Hybrid Bumper iPhone 11 Case Rugged Bumper iPhone Case with a Tough Shockproof Design Multi-Layered for Extra Protection Increased Lip All Around for Protection Dust Plugs to Protect from Dust/Dirt Responsive Buttons Free Screen Protector Wireless Charging Compatible Access to all Ports through Special Cut-outs Easy Fit 1 Year Warranty Shockproof Ever had that heart in your mouth moment when dropping your phone? Well, fear no more! Our rugged bumper iPhone case is fully shockproof so the impact from drops will be absorbed by the case which will save your precious iPhone 11 from damage.   Multi-Layer Shockproof Design Not one but two different materials combined to provide the best of both worlds! Tough polycarbonate material on the outside to take the impact of drops, while the inside soft TPU absorbs any shocks and ensures your Apple iPhone 11 doesn't feel a thing! A special shock adsorption pattern on the inside of the TPU material ensures the shock is evenly spread to ensure no damage to your Apple iPhone.   Wireless Charging Compatible No-one wants to take their case off when needing to charge. And now you don't need to either! Simply slot your iPhone with the case on, onto a wireless charger and watch your iPhone charge effortlessly at maximum speeds. The high-grade PC won't interrupt your charging signal so you can ensure maximum speeds when charging.   Lip for Camera & Screen Protection We all know how expensive iPhone replacement parts are! That�s why we included an increased lip all around the iPhone 11 screen and the back-camera lens. Even if laid flat against the floor, the screen or the camera lens will not come into contact with anything due to the lip. This will mean your screen along with the camera lens will remain safer within this case and will be extra protected from any damage.   Easy Access No more hassle of having to take your case off just to listen to music or charge ever again! Special cut-outs allow access to all ports.   Ultra-Responsive/Protected Buttons Even the buttons are protected on this case which shows we haven't missed any detail! The volume buttons are covered by highly responsive TPU which means they are protected at all times and yet are still as accessible always! A simple touch will generate a high response from the buttons.   Easy Fit This case takes literally less than 10 seconds to install and is a simple clip-on rugged bumper iPhone 11 case requiring no skill or technical experience. This case is also easy to remove when needed and won't damage your phone in the process.   No Hassle Warranty This case comes with a no hassle warranty meaning any issues, and we'll simply replace or refund without any hassle!   Nothing to Lose This item comes with a 1-year warranty and is also backed by our money back guarantee which ensures you either get what you paid for or your money back! So, what is there to lose? If the item is defective, we will be liable for return shipping too! Rest assured, you are in safe hands.  

GTIN 5056162938168
Brand FinestBazaar

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