Huawei P30 Pro Case Leather Flip Wallet Cover - Brown

Genuine Leather Flip Wallet Case with Cash / Card Slots for Huawei P30 PRO Genuine Leather Flip Wallet Huawei P30 PRO Case Built-in Kick Stand Hand Stitched Magnetic Clasp Cash & Card Slots Includes Free Film Screen Protector Shockproof Protection Extra Camera Protection Wireless Charging Compatible Access to all Ports through Special Cut-outs 1 Year Warranty Genuine Leather Huawei P30 PRO Case You get what you pay for in this world. That's why our genuine leather Huawei P30 PRO case is a bit more expensive than others, simply because we use genuine leather, unlike others which use a cheap plastic which only looks like leather, but doesn't last like a real leather case.   Built-in Kick Stand We all love watching videos and movies. But none of us like holding the Huawei P30 PRO while watching them! Well, now you don't have to either. This genuine leather Huawei P30 PRO case will simply fold into a stand case which allows you to view your videos and movies effortlessly while you relax.   Hand Stitched Looking for that extra bit of quality on a real leather case? Look no further as our genuine leather cases are finished with hand stitching. A real fine finish to a premium leather case.   Magnetic Clasp No one loves a flip case that leaves the front of your screen exposed. That's why our genuine leather Huawei P30 PRO case comes with a built-in magnet clasp which will close the front flap when not in use.   Cash and Card Slots Say goodbye to that bulky wallet and hi to a new sleek way to carry your money! Simply insert your card and cash into the provided slots and leave your wallet at home. Now you'll never forget your money at home! The provided card holder also allows 2 cars which means you can use one for a credit/debit card and one for a travel card!   Camera Lip What's one of the costliest parts on an Huawei P30 PRO? Yes, you guessed it, it�s the camera. Now before you start worrying about protecting that, we've got that covered too! We've included a small lip around the camera section so when you place your phone inside the case and place it flat on a surface, the camera lens won't be in contact with the surface due to the lip. This means extra protection for your beloved camera so you can snap away happily.   Wireless Charging Compatible No-one wants to take their case off when needing to charge. And now you don't need to either! Simply slot your Huawei P30 PRO with the case on, onto a wireless charger and watch your phone charge effortlessly at maximum speeds. The high-grade leather material won't interrupt your charging signal so you can ensure maximum speeds when charging.   Easy Access Worried if your phone case will be compatible with your accessories? Well, don't be! Our easy access ports allow you to connect all types of chargers and headphones into your phone without having to remove your Huawei P30 PRO. Not only does this mean an easier to use case, but also less hassle of removing and reapplying the genuine leather phone case over and over again.   No Hassle Warranty This genuine leather Huawei phone case comes with a no hassle warranty meaning any issues, and we'll simply replace or refund without any hassle!   Nothing to Lose Not only is this Huawei phone case covered under a 1 Year Warranty, but also backed by our money back guarantee which ensures you either get what you paid for or your money back! So, what is there to lose? If the item is defective, we will be liable for return shipping too! Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

GTIN 5056162974739
Brand FinestBazaar

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