Xiaomi Essential E-Scooter

Sleek and elegant, portable and safe. Takes only 3 seconds to fold and go. Sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). The KERS recovers a moving vehicles kinetic energy under braking for longer duration. The cruise control systems helps maintain a steady speed set by the driver to relieve drivers from constant pressure and tensions. High quality batteries guarantee a riding distance up to 20km. Forty 18650 li-ion cells offer altogether a high capacity of 183wh. Smart battery management system (BMS). Dual braking system - Outfitted with regenerative and disc braking at rear wheel, E-ABS system at front wheel. Skid resistant and shock absorbing pneumatic tired 8.5 inch pneumatic tires effectively absorb shocks and prevent slipping. The 250W brushless DC motor Powers the Scooter to rude with ease and comfort. Connects to Mi Home App - Check the riding speed and remaining power in real time after pairing your scooter through Bluetooth with your phone.

Brand 6934177714573
Category EN
Color sa53701

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