PS4 Custom Controller - Sacrifice Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Sacrifice Edition - Custom Controller Hack and slash with our Sacrifice Edition PS4 Custom Controller.  Hack And Slash If you like a bit of gore then this controller is perfect for you. With a bloody and bold PS4 design that really stands out on the PS4 controller’s white base. Giving this custom PS4 controller a look that is visually and physically immense. This controller is given a red blood splatter design so that any gamer looking for their fill of guts and gore can be satisfied with the controller we have available. Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers And with a great controller design, the controller has to work to the greatest possible level. And to do that, we use brand-new PS4 controllers and customise them with our powerful custom design to create our custom PlayStation controllers. Creating a customised PS4 controller that feels just like an official PS4 controller, but with a far more amazing look. PS4 Controller Features You will not miss out on any of the fantastic features that always come with PS4 controllers, including:  Compatible with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-in speaker  Trackpad  PS5 Compatibility Thanks to the PS4 controllers’ compatibility with PS5 (when playing PS4 games), you can enjoy this controller and its gory design on both current generation and next-gen consoles. Play your favourite games with the strong PS4 DualShock controller and the design you love.  Moving To Next Gen? And for all of the players who are looking for something new for their PS5, then our PS5 custom controllers are perfect. We have given the powerful PS5 controller a new look, combining its top tier features with a wonderful new design. And we have new custom PS5 controller designs for every player. We have gory controller designs, controllers packed with colour and amazing designs and so much more.   Want Another Design? Want this design on a different controller or looking for something more deadly? Then we have a great number of options, including our Sacrifice Edition Xbox Series X custom controller, our Zombie edition Xbox Series X and PS5 custom controllers, our Slasher Edition Xbox Series X and PS5 controllers.

Brand Playstation

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