PS4 Custom Controller - Dishonour Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Dishonour Edition - Custom Controller Play your own way with our Dishonour Edition PS4 Custom Controller  Make Your Mark Fight your own way and earn your victory with the Dishonour Edition custom PlayStation 4 controller. Playing your favourite games will never be better than when you play with our custom PS4 controller. Our Dishonour edition is brilliantly made with a strong red and black design that looks incredibly bold and powerful. With a design and pattern that makes the controller look really unique.  Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers The design is only one part of the controller, and we want to ensure that the controller you get works phenomenally. So, we make our customised PS4 controllers from completely brand-new PS4 controllers before fitting them with their new design. And this makes for a controller that looks and works so wonderfully. PS4 Controller Features You will get every single feature and part you would get from an official PS4 controller. Including:  Compatible with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Light bar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built in speaker  Trackpad  PS5 Compatibility Our Dishonour edition custom PS4 controller is extraordinary, and will help you to achieve that victory you have been fighting for. Letting your further enjoy your game, with a stunning look. And thanks to the PS4 controllers compatibility with PS5 (when playing PS4), you can enjoy this controller and its dark design on the platform of your choice.   Moving To Next Gen? And for those players who have managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, we have the perfect controllers for you. Our custom PS5 controller range is now open and its packed with a large number of PS5 custom controllers that are packed with luxurious and wonderful colours and some really incredible designs that turn this strong controller into the complete package. Outstanding designs for tremendous controllers.   Create Your Own Controller Want a controller that is a bit more personal? Then why not give our create your own controller builders a go. Choose the controller you want, whether it’s an Xbox Elite controller or you want to make your own PS5 controller, you can! Select the design you love the most and then customise it further with multicoloured buttons, triggers, thumb sticks. And then choose any more extra additions you want, whether you want to add your name or even add some paddles to give you the edge in game, you can do it! 

Brand Playstation

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