PS4 Custom Controller - Galaxy Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Galaxy Edition - Custom Controller Delve into the universe with our Galaxy Edition PS4 Custom Controller.   Embrace The Power Of The Galaxy Explore all of the worlds and locations available to you online with the Galaxy Edition custom PlayStation 4 controller. Made with a wonderful and bright purple colour design that looks out of this world. Along with the beautiful galactical design, you will also get redesigned chrome buttons, bumpers and a d-pad that go amazingly with the PS4 design.  Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers And when you grab yourself a Galaxy Edition custom PS4 controller, you will get a brand-new PS4 controller that is made from an official PS4 controller. We only use genuine PS4 controllers in the creation of our custom PlayStation controller so that you get all of the parts and features that you expect, along with the design you want.   PS4 Controller Features With our Galaxy Edition customised PS4 controller or any of our controllers, you will get these features:   PS5 Compatibility (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-in speaker  PS5 Compatibility Play all of your games with a custom controller that will take your experience to the next level. Allowing you to play your games without being stopped. And thanks to the PS4 controllers compatibility with the PlayStation 5 (when playing PS4 games), you can enjoy this exceptional controller and design on the platform of your choice.  Love This Design? Absolutely love this design but not a PS4 player? Luckily for you we also have this design and others like it available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Elite Series 2, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Joy Cons and more.   More Custom PlayStation Controllers You can view the rest of our PS4 custom controller range as well to view lots of other designs, and find the design that is perfect for you. And now, you can take a scroll through our custom PS5 controller collection to view our series of custom next-generation controllers. All fitted with glorious designs that turn the next-gen badass into the complete package. And if you want something more personal, then our create your own controller builders offer all the options you could possibly want on a controller. 

Brand Playstation

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