PS4 Custom Controller - Pink Edition

PlayStation 4 Controller - Pink Edition - Custom Controller Stay simple with our Pink Edition Custom PS4 Controller.  Pick Your Colour If you love a bit of colour on your PS4 controller, then our Pink PS4 controller is a great option. No fancy design, just pink. This simple yet colourful design is amazing for anyone who wants a controller full of colour, and of course, anyone who loves the colour pink. This controller offers the greatest controls and performance, but with a lovely design that completes the controller.   Making Our Custom PS4 Controllers We want our controllers to feel just as good as they look, and that is why in the creation of our PS4 custom controllers we only use brand-new PS4 controllers. This is to make sure that any controller you pick up from us is at a really high standard of quality, but it also guarantees that you will get all of the features that you have mastered with official PS4 controllers.  PS4 Controller Features Some of the features included with the PS4 controller are the following:  Compatibility with the PS5 (When playing PS4 games)  Integrated Lightbar  USB Charging  Stereo headset jack  Motion sensors  Built-In speaker  PS5 Compatibility And thanks to the compatibility with PS5 (when playing PS4 games), you can enjoy this controller and its gorgeous design on next-gen or current-gen. Use the controller you have learned to love on the platform of your choice and play all of the best PS4 games with the extremely great features and controls that are available at your disposal.   Moving To Next Gen? Speaking of PS5, our wide collection of PS5 custom controllers is available to be explored! Find the colour and design that suit you the best and enjoy the very highest level of PlayStation controllers all with the greatest new look. Giving the ultimate next-generation controller an immense and greater feel and look, we may even have a pink edition PS5 custom controller available right now.  

Brand Playstation

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