APIVITA Bee Radiant Smoothing and Reboot Night Gel Balm 50ml

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, APIVITA’s gel-like balm boasts an impressive multi-dimensional mechanism that works to revitalise the surface of your skin. It’s designed to give your skin a healthier-looking finish with a natural glow, creating an illusion that’s well-rested and brimming with energy. Because the water in the gel has been replaced with a Wild Rose infusion, you’ll benefit from an extra burst of antioxidant goodness with every use. Containing a blend of patented Propolis Extract, Pumpkin Extracts and White Peony, the balm combats signs of ageing to reveal a plumper, smoother finish. Thanks to plant Glycogen and natural Glycoin working to support collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis, skin will seem softer with a sumptuously hydrated feel. The gel also helps to maintain effective oxygenation, aiding normal detoxification processes with the help of Microalgae. AHAs resurface your complexion using enzymatic peeling processes to transform your visage into a refreshed, luminous canvas while essential oils uplift the senses. A cocktail of Ginger, Lemon and Rose come together to form an aromatic, sparkling fragrance to top off your skincare routine. Dermatologically tested.

GTIN 5201279074272
Category Skin Care

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