F*ck The Easy Way Women's T-Shirt - White - XL - White

IWOOT - Stuff you really, really wantPlaneta444 is a project by Italy-based Maggie Cieslak, whose artworks are meant to encourage, motivate and inspire others, expressing the love for life and good vibes. Maggie loves experimenting with her own hand lettering styles with her workflow consists in preparing original designs with real brush pens before turning all digital - this makes the final look stand out and feel unique.Our brilliant F*ck The Easy Way Women's T-Shirt, a site exclusive, is a smart addition to any wardrobe. Designed by those with an eye for fashion, it features a bold graphic on a White backdrop.(Acknowledging best practice, we have sourced our products ethically, so you can trust our site as the number-one place to purchase clothing.) Pure-cotton T-shirtCan be used with washing machinesAdvice regarding tumble-drying is provided on the labelMedium-thickness attireFurthermore, our proportions cater to individuals of different body types, each item having a relaxed fit. Please order a size up if you'd prefer a relieved fit.

Brand PLANETA444

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