KORRES Ginseng Hyaluronic SPF30 Splash Sunscreen 150ml

Shield your skin from potential sun damage with the KORRES Ginseng Hyaluronic SPF30 Splash Sunscreen. This sun cream boasts a range of protective benefits, helping to preserve complexions from the harmful effects of UV rays. Enhanced with an ultra-light water texture, the two-phase formula glides on with ease and absorbs quickly. SPF30 is designed to guard the skin from excessive sun exposure, supporting a fortified and resilient complexion. Hyaluronic Acid replenishes with a surge of hydration, leaving skin supple and smooth. Ginseng Extract boosts and energises the visage for vibrant, revitalised results. Vitamin E provides further protection against environmental aggressors. Housed in a fun spray bottle, the hydrating sun cream mists evenly over the skin to ensure thorough coverage. This innovative product treats the skin to its invigorating properties as it defends against damaging sun rays, supporting a comfortable, healthy-looking complexion.

GTIN 5203069090059
Brand Korres
Category Body Care

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