KORRES Wild Rose Spotless Serum 30ml

Working to even your skin tone for a smoother, clearer looking visage, the KORRES Wild Rose Spotless Serum is packed with brightening benefits to revive luminosity. Blended with potent 15% Super Vitamin C, dullness, dark spots and discoloured areas will gradually appear to fade, leaving you with a natural, healthier-looking glow. It even helps to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to create a sense of energy and youthful vitality across your face. 10% Wild Rose Oil takes care of all your hydration needs, ensuring your skin feels plump and moisturised thanks to its rich content of Fatty Acids, warding away dryness for a soft, supple finish. Vitamins and antioxidants nourish and protect your complexion, helping it to thrive without becoming too damaged by environmental aggressors. To really ensure the best is brought out in your skin tone, a 5% Dark Spot Correction Complex gets to work on reducing the intensity, size and number of dark spots across your skin. 100% natural fragrance. Free from synthetic colours.

GTIN 5203069091599
Brand Korres
Category Skin Care

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