KORRES Wild Rose Petal Soft Cream Exfoliator 150ml

Unearth glowing, silky skin trapped beneath the surface with the KORRES Wild Rose Petal Soft Cream Exfoliator. Gentle enough to be used daily, this delicate face scrub works to buff away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a bright, radiant and refined complexion. The expert formula helps to unify uneven texture and eliminate impurities for skin that feels baby-soft to touch. Lactic Acid defends against dry, dehydrated areas of the skin with its natural moisturising properties while soothing Witch Hazel Extract promotes calm and comfortable results. Designed to be kind, this KORRES facial exfoliator softly polishes the skin, enhancing a balanced, fresh and smooth complexion it its wake.

GTIN 5203069091568
Brand Korres
Category Skin Care

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