Cayin N5iiS Portable High Resolution Music Player

Introducing the Cayin N5iiS Portable High Resolution Music Player The N5ii will be evolved to N5iiS 2018 is the 25th Anniversary of Cayin after having to change the screen Cayin decided to integrate the special feature of their anniversary project and introduce an all round improved device to celebrate. New display 3.5 800×400 LG Panel IPS TFT screen the colour and contrast are noticeably improved from the original N5ii display. Cayin sourced a new 3.5 screen as replacement after hard research it is LG panel and IPS certified so it is actually a better screen then the original AOU screen technically. While the colour and contrast are noticeable better then then AOU screen it is slightly smaller. RAM: from 1 GB DDR3 to 2DB DDR3 this should increase the smoothness of all system operation Darker background and cleaner audio performance Replaced the tantalum capacitors power filter capacitor in analogue section to tantalum-polymer capacitors this will offer a darker background and cleaner audio performance through lowered the internal resistance enhanced conductivity and further reduction of the ripple effect from power interference. Extremely low jitter for a portable player Three active oscillators help achieve perfect clock syn for PCM and DSD music files with different sampling frequency. Audio Priority mode for critical listeners Maximise audio performance by eliminating as much interference and interruptions as possible. Manually enable/disable on both 2.5mm and 3.5mm phone output. Balance driven: A renewed experience Bringing you better connectivity and lower distortion. Fully differential amplification for 2.5mm balanced headphone output. Enhanced handling power separation and sound stage all significantly improved to help appreciate the details and dynamics in your music. Upgraded The USB cable has been upgraded to higher quality braided Type-C to Type-A cable as well as the 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced phone socket to CUI ...

GTIN 6957914911141
Brand Cayin
Category Balanced Audio

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